academy and production

Astralmusic owns an academy, the sectors include music, classical and modern, dance with various thematic courses, and theatrical arts. Astralmusic academy is related to one of the most important italian music academy ” AMM National School of Milano”. Also in this field the company guides musicians and singers in their productions, the distribution of the product and also the recording. Furthermore it offers the direct sale on 150 digital stores such as: iTunes, eMusic, Mondadori, Vevo, Amazon, Napster, Nokia Music, Vodafone 3, Deezer.

Our EQF Qualifications

The London Performers Education Board has been active in the Qualifications’  field since 1999 and currently offers a wide variety of qualifications to its associates. These Qualifications are delivered in partnership with different Universities and Awarding Bodies in the UK and throughout Europe.
Besides these offers it is possible for our centres to create customizations to the approved qualifications and develop more courses in different fields.
Although our first area of development has been in the music performance and technology field, we currently offer a wide variety of Qualifications such as Performing Arts, Music Production, Music Business, Events Management, Media Production not to mention English, Photography and Hospitality.
(lpeb, astralmusic certification)

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