orricone and believed to be his most famous song. In 1974 he returned with the LP I semafori rossi non sono Dio, followed by Il mio mestiere (1977). Both showed a more mature inspiration than his 1960s works. In the 1980s Paoli produced a series of successful albums, and in 1985 he toured Italy together with Ornella Vanoni. In 1987 he was elected to the Italian Chamber of Deputies for the Italian Communist Party. He abandoned politics in 1992 to pursue his music ambitions.




Enzo Ghinazzi was born in Ponticino, in the Tuscan province of Arezzo. His father was a mailman and his mother was a housewife, but they both cultivated interests in singing and acting. In 1975 he debuted as a singer-songwriter under the stage name “Pupo” with Ti Scriverò.[1] Pupo’s first album release, Come Sei Bella, came in 1976. His second album, Gelato al Cioccolato, was his first major success, containing the hit singles Ciao and Gelato al Cioccolato, written with Cristiano Malgioglio; the album was Pupo’s first of 11 gold records. In 1980 Pupo competed for the first time in the Sanremo Music Festival with the gold record winning song Su di Noi: the song was included in his third album Più di Prima, which was Pupo’s best selling record and also included Firenze Santa Maria Novella, a love letter to the city of Florence.[2] In 1981 he wrote his first hit for another artist: Sarà Perché Ti Amo, sung by Ricchi e Poveri at the Sanremo Music Festival that year.[3] Pupo competed again in the Sanremo Music Festival in 1983 with Cieli Azzurri and in 1984 with Un Amore Grande, written by Umberto Tozzi and Giancarlo Bigazzi. In 1986 he released the album Pupo in the USSR, a major success that sparked his fame in Eastern Europe.[4] The following year he won the international children’s song festival Zecchino d’Oro as the author of Canzone Amica. Pupo toured extensively on international stages, and in 1991 he released his first and only live album, Canada’s Wonderland, recorded in Toronto.[5] In 1992 he competed for the fourth time at the Sanremo Music Festival, this time under his birth name, with the spiritual La Mia Preghiera. After spending some years out of the national spotlight (while maintaining a solid international fanbase) and then devoting himself to his television career, Pupo rose back to musical stardom with his consecutive appearances at the Sanremo Music Festival in 2009 and 2010. In 2007, the Dutch singer André Hazes covered his song Forse with the title Blijf Bij Mi (Stay with me). In 2009 he competed with L’Opportunità, singing alongside Paolo Belli and Youssou N’Dour, reaching the finals. The year after, he came second in the Festival singing Italia Amore Mio with tenor Luca Canonici and Emanuele Filiberto di Savoia, member of the former Italian royal family; in the “guest night” of the Festival, World Cup winning football coach Marcello Lippi was invited on stage. The song was a success with the audience, and the trio was considered the moral winner of the Festival. 11 gold records Gondola d'Oro



(born 26 June 1950) is an Italian actor, composer, comedian, television personality, entrepreneur and musician. Born in Verona, in the early 70's Smaila co-founded together with Jerry Calà, Franco Oppini and Ninì Salerno a cabaret-ensemble, "i gatti di Vicolo Miracoli". The group, reduced to three components since 1982, appeared on several successful TV programs and films and released several songs. After the disbandment of the group Smaila was the television presenter of a number of quiz and variety shows, most notably the late night show Colpo grosso. In nineties he founded the "U.S.Band", an orchestra with whom he was cast in several television programs. As a composer, Smaila signed the musical scores of several genre films including Beast with a Gun (1977), Il ragazzo del pony express (1986), Sweets from a Stranger (1987), Delitti e profumi (1988) and Chicken Park (1994). The main theme of Beast with a Gun was later included in the soundtrack of Quentin Tarantino's Jackie Brown. Smaila also wrote and directed a musical comedy film, Italian Boys, released in 1982. He is the founder of the brand Smaila's, a chain of restaurants and nightclubs specialized in live music.


"Altrove" Marco Castoldi, better known by his stage name Morgan, is an Italian singer-songwriter, musician and multi-instrumentalist. His musical genres are mainly alternative rock and electronic rock, sometimes experimental rock and synthpop. He has also been a judge for three years in the Italian version of The X Factor winning the first three series through acts he mentored, Aram Quartet (series 1 - 2008), Matteo Becucci (series 2 - 2008-9) and Marco Mengoni (in series 3 - 2009). He is also a founding member of Bluvertigo, an Italian band formed in 1992.